Morning Reflection

  • My morning reflection. Patience or better yet selfishness. For Lent, I decided to give up being selfish. This may not seem to be that hard of a thing, but as God gave us free will, it is inherent in all human beings to be so, to constantly want. Jesus Christ was never selfish, not even once, a day in his earthly life. I have been surprised through my daily struggles not to be so, how often I am, even when I do not know it. To put yourself last and others in front of us, at all times, is an incredible task, but through His help, I can accomplish anything, and through His help, I have come to realize many things so far about not only myself, but the acts of others, both good and bad. Try it today, try to not be selfish in everything you do- I think you will find it is harder than you have ever imagined, and I think you will also find that Christ, throughout His whole life in not being so, is even more amazing than you had ever imagined. Have a great day!

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  • “Humility and purity are the wings which carry us to God and make us almost divine.” -St. Padre Pio


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