Being Selfless sometimes means letting go of your convictions

I realized something today.  I realized, and honestly without knowing it, that my convictions about Our Lord can hinder progress in ways I never imagined.  Giving yourself to the Lord is of utmost importance, don’t get me wrong.  Following his example and his Love is THE most important.  Not everyone will have your same convictions; not everyone will share your same passion, but through His teaching, you must learn what being selfless really is.  Loving and respecting those around you, and lead by His example of what Love is.  Putting yourself out there with scripture and reflection is one thing, but understanding others around you and respecting them is another.  Call it the new evangilization if you will in this Year of Faith.  Not everyone will understand your journey, not everyone will follow it, or accept it, but living with Love, as Christ did and does, and living by his example is more important than any passage in the Bible, than any scripture you recite.  Understanding that scripture and LIVING that scripture through EXAMPLE, is not only the best course of action, it should be the only one.  Pray for the strength to do so, pray and reflect on how selfish you are and can be, sometimes without knowing it.  Love as Christ did.  Love and respect all, even if its not the course you like or would have taken.


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