Life and its many options- what do you do? A reflection.

Consider this, how often do we sit back, particularly in modern, developed Countries, with our cable televisions on, eating our meals bought from the grocery store, and ever reflect on the waste we leave behind.  How many of us when we go out the door, see the beggar in the parking lot and think to ever help?  Our Country in the United States has become one of want, and not need.  Our media blinds us with glorification, violence, sex, and various forms of sin.  Too often we react without thinking.  Too often we do not think to go to Christ’s teachings and sacrifices.  Too often, on a daily basis do we ever prepare for our seat in Heaven.  I would imagine purgatory to be filled with these lost souls.  Because of this want and need, we now have maneuvered ourselves into a position of being pigeon hold’d into a life of debt and a life of need, when all too often, we just had to turn to Christ, to his love, to his Divine Heart.  We have put ourselves into a position that we now have to be sustained and dependent on life’s sins, on life’s needs, in lieu of preparing to the one thing we can’t escape- death.  If only we could become more cognizant of these actions and think of Christ’s teachings before making any decision.  What do you really need?  How many bites of food must you take in to survive.  How many of us in undeveloped countries are dying of hunger.  How many children spirits are killed in our lust?  How many times must we just “accept” what is given to us, and not think of others?  How many of us truly practice charity?  How many of us love each other as God loves us?  How long must this go on.  The earthly kingdom is truly impermeable and controlled by Satan, let us turn away from evil and never lose focus on the light.

“In all the events of life, you must recognize the Divine will. Adore and bless it, especially in the things which are the hardest for you.” -St. Pio


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