Spiritual Battles- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Romans 14:17
For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but justice, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

   God wants us to be happy, this is fact.  Brothers and Sisters in Christ, today, like all days is a great day.  God loves us!  His love is eternal.  Let us steer away from our daily sin, our daily wants in needs, knowing that in Heaven we will dwell within the Holy Spirit.  But here is the great news-  the Holy Spirit is already within us.  Take strength in knowing that.  Be conscience of our daily habits and needs, and do not be afraid to face the evil that attack us hourly, daily, or every minute.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us and strength us, knowing that it dwells within us, and that there is nothing we cannot face.  Do not fall prey to habit, to selfishness, to want and need.  Do not over indulge.  Look towards God.  Stay the course, and ask for strength from our Lord.  Be conscience!  Be aware!  Think before reacting.  Do not be gluttonous, for as believers we know that the gift that awaits us is more than we can imagine.  How I struggle almost every minute not to fall prey to my needs and my desires.  Take comfort in knowing that.  Every day for me is a spiritual battle as it is for you.  But this I know.  I have a host of Saints.  I have my guardian angel.  I have my Blessed Mother.  I have angels; and I have my brothers and sisters in faith.  What an Army to have!  Today has been a rough day for me today, but I will tell you that I can do it!  Look at my “back-up”- what a comfort, what a blessing.  My reflection today is simply this.  Meditate on the scripture passage above.  Know that you are not alone. Know that, yes, you will be attacked by evil, yes you will be tempted.  But never be afraid to ask for help; look at the Army that you have.  Think of how, as inherently human, we all face the same struggles.  Now imagine that Christ, living and breathing on this planet, did not-  how AMAZING is that!  Always look to our Creator, knowing that the kingdom of Heaven will be a such, and that if we never lose focus, and love as He loved, we can get through everything that is thrown at us- EVERY day!  God does not give what he thinks we cannot handle, and through my trivial suffering, I look to God to get me through.  God Bless!


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