Always look at the flip side of the coin!

  I wanted to particularly touch on something briefly today through conversations I have had with colleagues at work, where things may be rough right now, things not as expected- troubling, hardships if you will.  It is always in our nature to fear the worst.  I catch myself doing it all the time.  Whether it be a long day, a tough sickness, a death, a troubled marriage, a sick loved one, a break-up.  These are all sufferings that we can relate to.  These are all as Padre Pio used to say “little presents”:

Remain calm, because your illness was a little present given to you by Jesus.” .   

I find some comfort in this quote.  All too often we fear the worst.  All too often we look and make decisions off of “one side of the coin” without looking at the other.  All to often we are selfish, not putting ourselves in the other’s shoes.  We always look to how it will affect me, how will it hurt me.  But often times I would like to think we need to look at the other side.  All too often we need to look at how are actions cause reactions.  Have a look at the other side of the coin. Practice what our Lord showed through His love.  Make your example on this earth, a dedication to the example He gave us.  His suffering brought our salvation.  Maybe, if we dedicated our suffering to Him, we may bring salvation to others.  Live your life in a Christo-centric way.  Live and strive to be like Christ, embracing your suffering, embracing your hardships, embracing your dilemmas, and look to the flip side of that coin.  Look to the positive over the negative.   Turn your sufferings into tiny gifts from our Lord, always mindful that He does not give us anything that we cannot handle.  Dedicate your own mini passions, to the greater good of what may come.  Become a matyr of your own needs and desires, shunning them and being always mindful of Christ’s love, and then sharing that love with the rest.  Shy away from your troubles, and know that through your suffering, greater good will come, even if it may seem that you are at the end, or there is a breaking point in your life, a rock bottom.  A foundation must be made on stone.  Make that stone Christ.  Make that flip side of the coin the good, and do not focus on the immediate hardship side.  Turn away from your selfishness, and dedicate your life to the salvation of those around you.  God Bless!


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