Pray for the Conversion of Lost Souls

“Never let us put aside the thought of our ultimate aim. And what is this ultimate aim? To know God, principally, is why he conceived our days, our years. Therefore, let us try never to forget this ultimate aim, for everything depends on it. And for what reason? To serve him with faith, with love, and with constancy. Let us try to excel in all of this, then. Since God created us for love, he takes care of us for love, and for love he has promised us the prize”- Padre Pio

   I am consistently reminded, particularly in America, how many lost souls and people with no faith there are in this world.  I pray constantly for the conversion of these dear souls, whom are searching, and caught up in the material and beliefs of our earthly status.  Many times have I stated that the Spirit is within us all, we just have to listen.  For some, having faith may just not seem possible, as I know myself some, even within my own beloved family.  Too many just cannot simply believe in the Divine, in the sacrifice that our Lord made for us to be saved in the eternal kingdom.  To this I say, pray, pray often.  Give yourself up to their salvation.  Ask for the myriad of tools that our Lord has given us through the Communion of Saints, Our Blessed Mother, and most of all for the Trinity.  Respect others beliefs; love thy neighbor as Jesus loved us.  Do not push people into a corner, enforcing conformity  for this is counter-active to the salvation of souls.  Educate yes, but do not be stubborn.  Love as Christ did love, and have faith that the rest will take care of itself, either in our earthly life or in the next.  As stated by Saint Pio, God created us for love.  God is love.  Do not focus on the negativity of those that may be lost or searching. Have respect and kindness for their beliefs.  It is not necessary to argue or get combatitive, especially if you already know the truth.  Never get discouraged, but remember love, and have it for those that may be lost.  Pray for their conversion, and ask God to help them in life.  Truly love your neighbor, and ask not only for your forgiveness but them; just as Christ did for us.  Never underestimate the power of your prayers, and the intercession of the Saints and the Blessed Mother.  How I thank God that He has given me this gift or faith, and how I thank Him that he gave me the ability to listen.  God Bless!


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