NOW MORE THAN EVER! Why we should care!

  Because of the excitement going on right now with the election of our New Holy Father, I will be covering on this blog the coverage more than my personal reflections for this week, in hopes of keeping all informed in a “one stop shop” and I still ask that everyone pray for the Cardinal Electors during this VERY important time. My reflection during this time is this.  As Catholics, even at just over 1 billion, we rarely get the spotlight on us for positive things, especially given the Church’s current problems.  This is one reason why we should pay extra attention to this current election, and I personally believe this election to be one of the most, if not most important election in modern times, given the Church’s current condition.  This being said,  because of the attention of this election, I hope that as Catholics we also take this time as not only a period of prayer, but most importantly, as a chance for Evangelization during this Year of Faith.  Feel free to educate, not only on the election of the Pontiff, but on the true meaning of the Church, Christ’s Church.  Start bringing people home.   Now more than ever with all the media coverage, we have the opportunity to educate our Protestant brothers and sisters on the Church, and also educate them on some of the untruth they have been presented.  Because if they truly knew, we would all be one Church.  Now more than ever, educate, utilize this time to show and teach the beauty of our Church, bridging the gap and educating those that have been given false pretenses.  Now more than ever, pray for unity, pray for conversion, showing them the true love and patience of the Holy Spirit. Do not waste this wonderful opportunity to shine in the spotlight.  Knowledge is power, go out and Educate! God Bless


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