Our Lord is Merciful


After listening to the Holy Father’s Angelus from yesterday, I cannot help but reflect on his words and still be in awe of our Lord’s mercy.  As the Holy Father stated ““The Lord never tires of forgiving, it is we who tire of asking for forgiveness.”  No truer words could be said.  As human beings with free will, we constantly sin. We are constantly tempted in sinning, and sometimes we even know we are about to sin.  So why do we do it?  Because we know our Lord is merciful.  Which, in many ways, is pretty deplorable.  I find myself often knowing that I am going to sin, and without reflecting enough, or without asking for the Lord’s help I do it anyway.  Why?  Because I know my Lord is going to forgive me.  But here’s the thing- that doesn’t mean its a free pass to sin.  If anything, I am hurting my Father more by doing that, and I should reconcile with him, begging him to help me turn away. Every time we sin, we hurt the Father, when we should turn to him to stop it.  The Holy Father went on to tell a story where he was talking with an elderly woman from his parish in Argentina.  She states ” “If the Lord did not forgive all, the world would not exist.”  But if anything, tied into yesterdays reading of our Lord forgiving a woman from adultery, we should know that our Lord is more than merciful- but only if we truly turn to him for forgiveness, learning from our mistakes and not replicating them again for the sake of our earthly desires and wants.  We should take a lesson from our Lord, a lesson of selflessness, putting out desires and needs behind us, willingly accepting His mercy and His love, and putting that forth to others.  The struggle inside is tremendous.  Wanting for yourself almost seems natural, even from the time we sprung forth from the womb.  Dependence is commonplace.  But our dependence should not be for earthly things, our dependence should be set forth to serve the Lord, knowing that His mercy and His love will spring forth much fruit.  Turning away from dependence on earthly things is almost a insurmountable task, and I myself have failed the Lord during this season of Lent, and I ask his forgiveness and strength for my weakness, and my dependence.  Most of all, I ask for the forgiveness to those I have adversely affected, and that they see my willingness to change and not be selfish.  

“Stay with me, Lord, for as poor as my soul is I want it to be a place of consolation for You…”– Saint Pio


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