Lead by Example showing forth Christ’s love

Gospel, John 8:51-59

51 In all truth I tell you, whoever keeps my word will never see death.
52 The Jews said, ‘Now we know that you are possessed. Abraham is dead, and the prophets are dead, and yet you say, “Whoever keeps my word will never know the taste of death.”
53 Are you greater than our father Abraham, who is dead? The prophets are dead too. Who are you claiming to be?’
54 Jesus answered: If I were to seek my own glory my glory would be worth nothing; in fact, my glory is conferred by the Father, by the one of whom you say, ‘He is our God,’
55 although you do not know him. But I know him, and if I were to say, ‘I do not know him,’ I should be a liar, as you yourselves are. But I do know him, and I keep his word.
56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to think that he would see my Day; he saw it and was glad.
57 The Jews then said, ‘You are not fifty yet, and you have seen Abraham!’
58 Jesus replied: In all truth I tell you, before Abraham ever was, I am.
59 At this they picked up stones to throw at him; but Jesus hid himself and left the Temple.

   My reflection.  Today’s reading shows not only that the prophecy of Abraham had come true, but that Christ truly was God on Earth, the Son of Man, the Son of God.  Just like today, not only do people deny His divinity, but they continue to persecute and try and destroy His rightful place in our lives.  We see this today in the support of bibilical marriage, in the support of abortion, and the embracing of sin in social and regular media.  Not only do we try to change God’s word, we try and have God’s word conform to us, instead of us conforming to Him.  Atheism, persecution, embellishment; not only are they supported, they are embraced.  Currently in the United States, as we speak, all of this is in legislation, and in many of the States it is being passed.  How have we gotten here?  Where do we go from here?  Is it too late? NO!  It is never too late to pick up the Cross.  It is never to late to defend religious liberty and God’s word.  Does it take courage?  YES.  Does it take fortitude and help?  YES.  Never stop to ask for Divine help, never cease to pray, and NEVER forget that we, as God’s Children, are not only in spiritual warfare, but that we should always be defenders and champions of the faith.  Should we be militant in the sense of picking up arms- NO.  We should stand for our beliefs, but never, ever forget love.  We should always be Christocentric- that is having Christ in the center of all we do.  Praying and love should be like the very air we breathe.  We should love and have compassion for all God’s children and living beings, never ceasing to pray, never ceasing to please God.  We should never cease to stand for the Cross, in everything we do, teach, and raise.  It’s up to us to teach our children, its up to us in this New Evangelization to pick up the Cross and carry on.   It’s up to us to not only ask for God’s mercy, but for His mercy to others.  Never forget the poor, never forget the less fortunate, never forget the elderly, the needy, the children and adults with special needs, those that are persecuted in countries that do not support religious freedom.  Lead and live by EXAMPLE.  Live and try to live as Christ did; never stop the journey, always stay focused, and always, always, love our brothers and sisters, never showing for discrimination, but love, compassion, and understanding.  God Bless! ~CJA


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