Closing Out the Week- As we head into the Weekend

“We must keep the eye of faith fixed on Jesus Christ who climbs the hill of Calvary loaded with his Cross, and as he toils painfully up the steep slope of Golgotha we should see him followed by an immense throng of souls carrying their own crosses and treading the same path. Oh, what a beautiful sight this is. Let us fix our mental gaze firmly on it. We see close behind Jesus our most holy Mother, who follows him perfectly, loaded with her own cross. Then comes the Apostles, Martyrs, Doctors, Virgins and Confessors. . .Jesus himself, despite all our unworthiness, has associated us with this beautiful company. We must make every effort to merge ourselves increasingly in these ranks and hasten with them along the road to Calvary. We should look to the end of the journey and not separate ourselves from this fine company; we must refuse to follow any other way than the one they tread.” – Saint Padre Pio

  As I close out the week, and head into the weekend, I wanted to share with you some final thoughts for this week-upcoming, especially as we “lay the palms” for the coming of our King, our Messiah, Jesus Christ, as we head into the Holy Week.  Let us always carry the Cross of our Lord, always asking for His Mercy, so as to think that we are lessening the burden of our sins upon His shoulders.  Let us treat every day as if it is Palm Sunday, remembering His passion, and His death, so that we may have eternal life.  Never a greater sacrifice has been given.  Let me challenge you to go into this next week filled with joy and happiness knowing that there truly is a space in Heaven for us all.  Myself in particular, will be completely overwhelmed and over-joyed in knowing that next Satruday evening, during Easter Vigil, I will finally be brought into full communion with His Church, finally, and His flesh and blood.  I invite all of my readers to share with me in this joy, and I praise God everyday that you continue to warrant my thoughts and reflections as valid,  throughout my entire spiritual journey and beyond.  May the Lord bless you and keep you close during this time, keeping you ever-mindful of His passion, and His resurrection, embracing both the Church and most importantly those that have not come to full communion with Her, never ceasing to pray, and asking for our Lord’s Mercy!  God Bless you all, and see you Monday!  ~CJA

For those locally, I invite you to share in my confirmation, here in Hanahan, SC during Easter Vigil Mass at 2030 on March 30, 2013 at the following address:

Divine Redeemer Catholic Church
1106 Fort Drive
Hanahan, SC 29410


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