A Reflection- God Calls us to Himself

“Our present life is given only to gain the eternal one and if we don’t think about it, we build our affections on what belongs to this world, where our life is transitory. When we have to leave it we are afraid and become agitated. Believe me, to live happily in this pilgrimage, we have to aim at the hope of arriving at our Homeland, where we will stay eternally. Meanwhile we have to believe firmly that God calls us to Himself and follows us along the path towards Him. He will never permit anything to happen to us that is not for our greater good. He knows who we are and He will hold out His paternal hand to us during difficulties, so that nothing prevents us from running to Him swiftly. But to enjoy this grace we must have complete trust in Him.”- Saint Padre Pio

  What a blessed quote from a most holy and venerable Saint. So often do I think of its logic, its truth, its simplicity.  But especially during this Holy Week, it means so much more.  How often do we get caught up in the life and temptations of our Earthly desires, in our want, which we think is need?  How often do we not think of the poor, the less fortunate in areas of the world where it may seem there is no grace?  This I will tell you, from my own testimony– His grace is alive and well, no matter where on Earth.  How often do we challenge His word, His actions, his divinity.  If you are human, like me, I struggle daily.  Do not permit the Devil to disguise himself and let us stray from the Lord.  Through scripture, prayer, and then reflection, I have found the utmost comfort, the utmost safety.  We must firmly believe that He is there for us, even in our most dark and profound times; with the understanding that there is no concept of time in Heaven, no burden we cannot handle, because He has given it to us for a reason, although it may not conform to our wishes or our timeline.  Let us take our grief, our anxiety, our anger, and turn it to the Lord.  Let us take this week, especially, as a time of joy and uttermost belief that He is here, He has never left us, and that we can always turn to Him, no matter how hard it may seem.  Pick up the Cross and lessen His burden!  Embrace His grace, and in turn use this week towards joy and selflessness, helping those less fortunate,  as he did as that human man heading to His death upon the Cross, so that we could not forget to turn to Him, and have eternal life in Heaven.  God Bless! ~CJA


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