Good Friday- A Message of Thanks, and of Love

  Brothers and Sisters.  Truly today is a day of reflection and sorrow, but like life, joy will come to our lives at the end of this tridium, this most holy three last days of Lent.  I do not have much of a reflection today- only a request.  Pray.  Pray for me, as I take the Body and Blood of Our most precious Savior tomorrow evening for the first time, at Easter Vigil.  Pray for me that I continue to do God’s work through my actions and my words.  Pray that this blog will be never-ending, so that we all can share in God’s Love, knowing full-heartily that the weight of all our sins are forgiven, and that we never, ever forget to take up the Cross and carry it with Him.  Thank you to all that have thus far watched, listened, and read my spiritual journey, as I truly hope that it has been a joyful, informational, and place for reflection– you all have a very special place in my heart, and in my prayers– from China, to Germany, to Austria, to South Africa, to Vietnam, to Russia, to Costa Rica, to Malaysia, the UK, the Phillipines, to the Czech Republic, Canada,  all the way to the United States, and any other readers from any Country I may have missed.  May we all continue to pray for all those Countries and many more, particularly those in the Middle East, Africa,  and elsewhere, where our Brothers and Sisters are persecuted and matyred.  May this be an inspiration, and a place of refuge– you are never alone, for we, and our prayers are with you!   May we continue our journey together, knowing that we are never alone with Christ at our helm. .  The Lord has risen! Let us always keep Him in the center of our lives. I love you all!  See you Monday!  God Bless! ~CJA


2 responses to “Good Friday- A Message of Thanks, and of Love

  1. CJA- Thanks for your inspiration and faithfulness. I pray for your continued growth in Christ..


  2. Karl, thanks man! It really has been an enjoyment sharing in my journey!- Christian

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