Seeing and Sharing in Love, even in times of Darkness

Second, Jesus often leads us patiently on the same journey of faith as he led Mary Magdalene. Sometimes, we, like her, can be too weighed down by our sorrows or by our selves as to see the truth that is shining around us, to hear the Lord’s voice. We might just want the Lord to give us didactically all of the information we need. But, in a sense, we have, and we still occasionally allow suffering or disappointment to overwhelm us. Many times in our life, Jesus will ask us, “Why are you weeping? For whom are you seeking?” We need to recognize him in disguise. ” -Fr. Landry

   Reflection. What a wonderful article by Fr. Landry about today’s Gospel.  Too many times, particularly in grief, we all to often turn away from the Lord out of sadness and anger, when we should be turning to Him.  I myself, regrettably have done the same, during the loss of my mother, Donna Marie, because my grief was so strong.  Let us never forget that the Lord is always with us, always around, and always there for us.  It is through our own spiritual journeys that we strengthen our faith, that we become closer to God.  All we have to simply do is ask.  One thing comes to mind when I read this particular comment from the Father Landry- the last words of my Mom, before she became to incapacitated to speak.  She looked at me, as sick and as delirious as she was, and pointing to her heart, proclaimed, “I am always there, just look to your heart.”  I can and will never forget this.  I do not look on it with sorrow, but with gladness that I was there and that she understood the true meaning of Christ’s love.  She wasn’t even a Catholic!    How often do we turn away in times of grief?  Let us not forget the importance of love in life, and what my Mother even understood on her deathbed, that the love of Christ and the love of others is always there, even in our darkest moments.  God Bless!  ~CJA

The article in full is found here:


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