With His birth, He Indicated Our Mission

  The Heavenly Child suffers and cries in the crib so as to make His suffering for us loveable, meritorious and sought after. He lacked everything so that we might learn from Him to renounce earthly goods. He was pleased with humble and poor adorers so that we might love poverty and prefer the company of the little and simple ones to those of the great of the world. . …With His birth, He indicated our mission, namely to despise what the world loves and seeks- Saint Pio

  Reflection. I love this quote!  What a great analogy the good Saint Pio makes!  Oh, how we are like children, even at old age in the eyes of the Lord.  The Christ, the Messiah, could have come to Earth as a great King, a leader of a nation, but instead came as a poor man, a man with nothing, a man who saw and experienced the worst that this world had to offer.  He set up the path for us to follow.  As a born and bred American, so too many of us, even our poor, cannot understand the true suffering of the even more neglected throughout the world.  Materialism and Earthly status continuously permeates our society and lifestyle.  How too often we get caught up in the needs and wants of our families and friends, but forget those around us with nothing.  How too often we forget those we do not know that are sick, or dying with no one at their side.  How too often we forget those with special needs that were touched by God’s grace.  Our Holy Father during Easter Sunday showed us the love of Christ by the mere act of holding that dear American boy with cerebral palsy and kissing his cheek.  Let that one act of love and kindness be a testament and a road map for us to follow.  Let us not forget those that are sick, in need, or dying with no one at our side.  Let us not forget to take care of our families, yes; but to also give back and reject materialism, greed, a possession.  For what good are any of these Earthly things after we pass away?  How many times have we made “impulse” buys, only to realize that after a few weeks, that earthly gratification fades?  Let us truly look at our lives, let us humble ourselves as our Almighty God did.  Jesus could have been anyone- anyone– as God incarnate on Earth, but he chose the lesser, to truly understand and love us, knowing that our suffering and His suffering would bring us closer to him.  Let us always love our neighbors first, even those consumed with evil.  Let us reject the Earthly desires of this Earth and turn towards our reward in Heaven, for it is great, it is love. God Bless! ~CJA


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