Saint Padre Pio on Meditation


“To imitate Jesus we must meditate daily on our model.”
“Meditation is like a mirror: it helps us discover and correct our defects.”
“Meditation, like a tireless bee, transforms the pollen of flowers into nectar of life.”
“Never let a day go by without meditating on the Passion of Christ.”
In a letter to Annita Rodote, about meditation: “Put yourself in the presence of God.
Remember that God is really present with the celestial court, inside your soul.
Than you start your prayers and meditations, holding the palm of the hand to the
front, or both hands to the front. All that must be done without affectation.”
“Topics of your meditation should be the life, passion and death of Jesus. His, birth,
life in Egypt and Nazareth up to his thirties. The humility of the baptism by John, his
public life, his extremely painful passion and death, the institution of the Eucharist
the night when men were preparing for him the most atrocious torments. You can
meditate Jesus in the garden, sweating blood seeing the torments that men were
preparing for him, and the ingratitude of men who would not take advantage of his
merits, Jesus dragged and beaten in the tribunals, scourged and crowned with
thorns, the trip to the Calvary carrying the cross, his crucifixion, and finally his death
on the cross in a sea of anguishes at the sight of his sorrowful Mother.”
In a letter to Maria Gargani, also about meditation: “First prepare the topic of your
meditation. You don’t need a book for that. Every truth in our religion can be topic
for meditation. Usually the life, passion and death of Jesus should be meditated. Ask
God for the grace to meditate well, so that it can be fruitful, than recommend
yourself to the Holy Virgin and all the celestial court that may help you meditate well
and keep away every distraction or temptation. Done that, start the meditation going
over the subject in every detail. After that one needs to make resolutions. Consider
defects that are the cause of many ore defects and sins. Resolve to work on a virtue,
and only stop when you have conquered it. Finally ask God for the graces and helps
that you feel the need for. Recommend to God all the human beings in general and
in particular. Pray for the reestablishment of the kingdom of God, the propagation of
faith, the exaltation and triumph of our holy mother the Church. “Pray for the living
and the dead, the infidels, the heretics, and for the conversion of sinners. After all
that offer your meditation and prayer, with the offering of all of yourself, and of all
the persons you care for, through the hands of the holy Mary, the Guardian Angel, St.
Joseph, etc. ” “Lastly, examine briefly how you did your meditation, and ask for
forgiveness if it has been defective. Meditate at least twice a day. No less than half
hour each time. Possibly in the morning, to prepare for the fight, and at night to
purify the soul from any earthly attachment that happened during the day.”


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