Daily Reflections from Saint Padre Pio: On Heaven

Daily reflections from Saint Padre Pio:

On Heaven:
“Heaven is total joy, continuous joy. “
“It is useless to try to figure out exactly what Heaven is like, because we can’t 
understand it. But when the veil of this life is taken off, we will understand things in a 
different way.”
“…at night when I close my eyes the veil is lifted and I see paradise open up before 
me: and gladdened by this vision I sleep with a smile of sweet beatitude on my lips 
and a perfectly tranquil countenance…”
From a letter to Padre Agostino on 10-21-12; “At night, when I close my eyes the veil 
is removed and the Paradise opens in front of me, and I feel a perfect calm, and wait 
that the little companion of my infancy wakes me up.”
“Father, going to Heaven there is immediate joy, or one has to wait for the end of the 
world?” Padre Pio’s answer: “If there was no joy it wouldn’t be Paradise. At the end 
of the world will rejoice the resurrected body too.”
Anna Tortora, the day of the Confirmation asked Padre Pio for a present: “I want that 
when you go to Heaven, you prepare a spot for me too.” “Are you so sure I will go 49
there?” “If you don’t go there who else goes there?” “All right I promise you that if I 
go there I will pull you too by the neck.”
“The immensity of the eternal heritage was seen by the Apostle Paul who, was 
caught up into Paradise and heard ineffable things, which no one may utter.” (2 Cor.
12, 4)
“What kind of heaven would be if we didn’t have with us those whom we love?”
To a woman about her deceased dad: “Comfort yourself. He is not dead. He lives a 
life of joy that will have no end. He lives in heaven. He lives in the midst of his 
dearest ones.”
To a woman about her deceased two years old child: “Your child is in Paradise, 
watching over you, assisting you, smiling on you, and preparing a place for you.”


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