A Reflection: On Faith

Gospel, John 3:7-15

7 Do not be surprised when I say: You must be born from above.
8 The wind blows where it pleases; you can hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.
9 ‘How is that possible?’ asked Nicodemus.
10 Jesus replied, ‘You are the Teacher of Israel, and you do not know these things!
11 ‘In all truth I tell you, we speak only about what we know and witness only to what we have seen and yet you people reject our evidence.
12 If you do not believe me when I speak to you about earthly things, how will you believe me when I speak to you about heavenly things?
13 No one has gone up to heaven except the one who came down from heaven, the Son of man;
14 as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so must the Son of man be lifted up
15 so that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.

  Reflection. Have we ever doubted the existence of God, of Christ His only Son?  God manifested Himself into man so that we would believe, that those during those times would believe.  How many, even when he was man incarnate on this Earth believed?  As Christians, to have faith, is the same as to drink water and breathe air.  Or bodies, manifested in flesh have been given the mercy and the will to choose the path of our spiritual selves.  How many have questioned in the past?  I say, that God is all loving, because He gave us that option in which to choose.  But many times, I have had to question.  Many times God may have seemed far away, but as Jesus said in John 20:29

29 Jesus said to him: You believe because you can see me. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.

  To have faith is a wonderful thing!  The scriptures and the Gospels have been given to us, so that God is always near.  Just like our physical bodies, our spiritual selves need nourishment.  The word of God and the Gospels of Christ have been given to us for this very reason.  Even in times of utter sorrow, He is near.  In fact, I believe Him to be even closer to us through our sorrows and sacrifice.  The path is not easy, in fact, it is very hard, with much evil in our way.  The Lord has given us His sacraments, most importantly His own flesh and blood during the sacred sacrifice at Mass.  At any point, during any day, the Mass is said, so that those who cannot see, but believe, can be closer to Him.  Through prayer, reconciliation, and reflection, our Lord is even closer.  There are times, even today, when it is hard for me to get motivated, to even write these reflections.  But through my prayer, through the daily readings, through my own readings, through Mass, I get through every day, every minute, knowing my Lord is near.  Through baptism, we are all “re-born” with the Spirit, our sins washed clean, so that even when we sin, we can ask for His forgiveness, bringing us ever closer to Him.  Through our faith, we know that our Earthly bodies will see the end, even decay, but that our spiritual bodies will have life everlasting.  Through our Christ rising from the dead on the third day, we also know that resurrection is possible, for our Lord can do anything.  To have this gift of faith, this utter gift of love, we know that no matter what, the Lord will take care of us and is waiting for us in his heavenly kingdom.  Do not lose your faith, utilize His sacraments, keep Him close to your hearts, always knowing the He is with you.  The road is rough, but keep the fight, stay the course, for the reward is beyond all that we know.  God Bless~ CJA


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