Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On Humility

On Humility:

‘You have respect for me because you don’t know me. I am the greatest sinner on this
“Abjection is called humility, and humility abjection.”
“God speaks to those who truly have a humble heart.”
“Never be pleased with yourself.”
“The tall ears of grain are vain and empty; the ones bent to the ground are humble 
and laden with grain.”
‘When you fall, humble yourself but without degrading yourself.”
“Abjection means to be humble and powerless.”
“Be humble, tranquil, sweet, and confident in times of darkness.”
“Humility is truth. Everything good in me is of God.”
“False humility brings discouragement.”
“When Jesus sees you prostrated in humility, he will extend his hand and draw you to 
“Humility is the recognition of one’s abjection.”
“To meet God, we must ascend and he must descend.”
“Happiness can be found only in Heaven.”
“Everything comes from God. I possess only infinite misery.”
“Self-esteem is more malicious that pride.”
“Mary, the more she was filled with heavenly gifts, the more she humbled.”
“Consider yourself what you really are: a nothing.”
“If I was reborn, I would become a Capuchin again, but not a priest.
I am unworthy to represent Jesus on earth, to be Christ on the altar.”


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