A Reflection: For Boston. Let us Lift Up Our Eyes to the Hills

“Suffering is a most powerful lever to raise man up again.”- Saint Padre Pio

   Reflection.  In the wake of the tragedy in Boston, it is easy to ask many questions- why did it happen?  Where was our Lord?  Why did God let it happen?  Let us not forget that evil is ever present.  When we become complacent, evil  senses vulnerability and attacks.  God suffered so that we may live, and God suffers daily when we sin.  God sure suffered that day, in the taking of precious innocent life.  What we must realize, even through this most senseless taking of precious life, is the resilience and strength of the human being, and the strength of us to rise up again from tragedy.  What we must do in times like these is turn to prayer, turn to our Lord, and ask for His strength, His care, and His wisdom.  Revenge is never the answer, all though it is most likely the first thought or emotion.  What we must do is turn from evil even more now, not letting evil win by this senseless act, but by showing forth God’s love and compassion for the victims of this bombing, and for the entirety of our state, knowing that through Him, we can come to a greater understanding of His love and compassion and of His suffering for our fate.  Can we be angry? Of course we can, for God was truly angry that day that evil took life.  But what we must understand is that in our earthly life, in every day, even from a minimal standpoint; at home, in the workplace, on the TV, in every breathe we take, evil is there.  It awaits and attacks.  It wants to turn us from God.  The spiritual warfare is never ending, and until we meet our Lord in the afterlife, this will not cease.  God was present that day; through the actions of the first responders and by-standers running towards the blast and saving lives, in the Hospitals, guiding the surgeons hands, and in the resilience of the American public and the people of Boston and not letting evil win.  We must use these examples as a gift of faith, of knowing that God, too was angry, but that His love is ever-lasting and just like evil, is ever present and defeats it.  Let us all turn to Him in this time, and join together in spiritual harmony, not letting evil grip us, nor the people of Boston anymore.  God Bless~ CJA


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