Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On Temptation

On Temptation:
“If you win a temptation, it has the same effect as in washing dirty laundry.”
“The more a soul is liked by God, the more He will be proved.”
“Temptations belong to devil and hell; sufferings belong to God and Paradise.”
“The temptations come from the devil, the sufferings come from God.”
“Despise the temptation and embrace the tribulation.”
“Do not dwell on your temptations.”
“The thought doesn’t make the sin, but consenting to the thoughts does it.”
“Only the free will is capable of good or evil.”
“Temptations against faith and purity are the merchandise offered by the enemy.”
“Don’t voluntarily dwell on what the devil presents to you.”63
“When tempted, say to God: “Have mercy on your poor weakling.”
“When the assault of the enemy increases, you are closer to God.”
“When the enemy roars around you, it shows that he is not in you.”
“The more a soul is pleasing to God, the more it must be tried.”
“Temptation is like the soap. It seems to soil but in reality cleans.”
“There is joy in the spiritual battles. Learn how to fight and you will be certain of 
“If God lets you fall is to make you humble and more careful in the future.”
“The devil enters a soul only through one door: the will.”
“We must prepare for temptation if we want to approach God.”
“If you are tempted, that means that God loves you.”


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