Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On the Eucharist

On the Eucharist:
“The Eucharist gives ad idea of the union we will have in heaven.”
“How could I live failing even for a single morning to receive Jesus in the 
Padre Alessio and another priest were distributing the Communion to a very large 
number of faithful. Padre Alessio ‘s pixis emptied sooner and he went back to the 
altar for the purification of the pixis. He had just completed the rite when, looking at his immediate right he saw a host standing in midair. The Host moved towards the 
pixis and fell into the pixis with an audible click sound. Padre Alessio was 
devastated by what he had seen. He hadn’t seen anybody holding the Host. Later in 
the day Padre Pio reported his experience to Padre Pio. Padre Pio: “Boy, be more 
careful and do not distribute the communion too fast. Tank your guardian Angel for 
not letting the Host fall to the ground.”
Padre Onorato to Padre Pio: “It is hard for us to collect properly all the little 
fragments of the Hosts after distributing the Communion.” 
Padre Pio: “What do you think the angels are doing around the altar?” 


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