Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On God

On God:
“God is always fixed in my mind and imprinted in my heart.”
“Father, I don’t believe in God.” ”Why are you telling me? Tell Him!”
Father, I don’t believe in God. “But God, my son, believes in you.”
“God enriches a humble heart with his gifts.”
“Time spent for the glory of God is never wasted.”
“Life without the love of God is worse than death.”
“As long as one has God as a foundation everything else falls into place.”
“Let’s look beyond the hand of men, to find the hand of God.”
“Honor and praise the Creator and not the creature.”
“Endure tribulation, sickness and pain for the love of God.”
‘Don’t wait for Tabor to see God: you already see Him on the Sinai and on the
“In all the human events we need to recognize and adore God’s will.”


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