Reflection: Let Mary be our Guide

Reflection.  May, more particularly this coming Sunday, we all will be (at least in the States) celebrating Mother’s Day.  Because of this, and particularly in the Catholic Church our thoughts and prayers look towards Mary, born without sin, whom gave birth as a Blessed Virgin to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As stated in the Vatican II Council, Lumen Gentium:

 The Father of mercies willed that the incarnation should be preceded by the acceptance of her who was predestined to be the mother of His Son, so that just as a woman contributed to death, so also a woman should contribute to life. That is true in outstanding fashion of the mother of Jesus, who gave to the world Him who is Life itself and who renews all things, and who was enriched by God with the gifts which befit such a role. It is no wonder therefore that the usage prevailed among the Fathers whereby they called the mother of God entirely holy and free from all stain of sin, as though fashioned by the Holy Spirit and formed as a new creature.(5*) Adorned from the first instant of her conception with the radiance of an entirely unique holiness, the Virgin of Nazareth is greeted, on God’s command, by an angel messenger as “full of grace”,(286) and to the heavenly messenger she replies: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy word”.(287) Thus Mary, a daughter of Adam, consenting to the divine Word, became the mother of Jesus, the one and only Mediator. Embracing God’s salvific will with a full heart and impeded by no sin, she devoted herself totally as a handmaid of the Lord to the person and work of her Son, under Him and with Him, by the grace of almighty God, serving the mystery of redemption. Rightly therefore the holy Fathers see her as used by God not merely in a passive way, but as freely cooperating in the work of human salvation through faith and obedience. For, as St. Irenaeus says, she “being obedient, became the cause of salvation for herself and for the whole human race.”(6*) Hence not a few of the early Fathers gladly assert in their preaching, “The knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience; what the virgin Eve bound through her unbelief, the Virgin Mary loosened by her faith.”(7*) Comparing Mary with Eve, they call her “the Mother of the living,”(8*) and still more often they say: “death through Eve, life through Mary.”(9*)

 We must come to understand the importance of the most Blessed Mother of the Church, and how she is a beacon and guide for us to grow in faith and closeness with our Divine and Heavenly Father Jesus Christ, Emmanuel.  Mary’s intercession for us, her embrace, and her prayers are important to us, as the Queen of the Universe, because she offers a model for us to fully embrace and understand what God wants for us.  Let us never forget that there is only one way to God, and that is through Jesus Christ, that saved us from our sins, and gave us everlasting life.  But it is Mary’s obedience and nature in this understanding that makes us ask for her intercession, and her guidance, as a Pastor here on Earth would do for us here.  Let us also not forget that the Earth is the Devils domain, and that we must turn to Christ always to combat us from the evil presence here in our earthly lives.  Let us not forget that God’s eternal love is everlasting, and that although there may be many other worlds out there, and evil within it, love is stronger and more abundant than the evil that is within.  Through Christ’s love we can conquer this evil, and through the guidance and model of the Blessed Mother, we can become closer to God’s everlasting love, and feel his embrace.  Mary is important as a protector, her gaze always on the Lord, her will always excepting of his will.  As the new Eve, that is the one whom gave life to the One who gives us eternal life, Mary is the Mother of us all.  Let us always ask for her intercession, keeping our gaze on Jesus Christ, as she does in His eternal kingdom.  Let us ask for her prayers for our Salvation, just as I am praying for all who read this now. As her intercession has helped me, let it be known that her intercession will help you.  God Bless!~  CJA


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