Marian Devotion

Blessed Pope John Paul II was well known during his papacy
for having a deep and abiding love for the Blessed Virgin Mary.
His devotion to Mary was evident in all that he did:
his words, his prayer life, his motto
and even his coat of arms,
were all dedicated to the Blessed Mother.
Pope John Paul II's Episcopal Coat of Arms

“At one point I began to question my devotion to Mary,
believing that, if it became too great,
it might end up compromising the supremacy
of the worship owed to Christ.
At that time, I was greatly helped by a book
by Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort…

There I found the answers to my questions,
Yes, Mary does bring us closer to Christ;
she does lead us to him,
provided that we live her mystery in Christ…
The author was an outstanding theologian.
His Mariological thought is rooted
in the mystery of the Trinity and in the truth
of the Incarnation of the Word of God”.

Pope John Paul II and the Blessed Virgin Mary
The book was such a great influence
that when he was elected Pope in 1978,
he chose his motto from words
written by St. Louis De Montfort.
“As is well known, (in) my episcopal coat of arms
… the motto Totus tuus is inspired by the teaching
of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort.
These two words express total belonging to Jesus through Mary:
“Tuus totus ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt.”
(“I am all Yours, and all that I have is Yours.”)

True Devotion to Mary
“This Saint’s teaching
has had a profound influence
on the Marian devotion
of many of the faithful
and on my own life.”
(Blessed Pope John Paul II)
St. Louis De Montfort teaches us:
“Pray with great confidence,
with confidence based on the goodness
and infinite generosity of God
and upon the promises of Jesus Christ.
God is a spring of living water which flows
unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray.”

“If you put all the love of all the mothers
into one heart
it still would not equal the love
of the Heart of Mary for her children.”


“Mary is the fruitful Virgin,
and in all the souls in which she comes to dwell
she causes to flourish purity of heart and body,
rightness of intention
and abundance of good works.
Do not imagine that Mary,
the most fruitful of creatures
who gave birth to a God,
remains barren in a faithful soul.
It will be she who makes the soul
live incessantly for Jesus Christ,
and will make Jesus live in the soul.”


“All our perfection consists in being conformed,
united and consecrated to Jesus Christ;
and therefore the most perfect of all devotions
is, without any doubt,
that which the most perfectly
conforms, unites, and consecrates us
to Jesus Christ.
Now Mary being the most conformed
of all creatures to Jesus Christ,
it follows that,
of all devotions that which most consecrates
and conforms the soul to Our Lord
is devotion to his holy Mother,
and the more a soul is consecrated to Mary,
the more it is consecrated to Jesus.
Hence it comes to pass that
the most perfect consecration to Jesus Christ
is nothing else than
a perfect and entire consecration of ourselves
to the Blessed Virgin.”


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