Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On His Connection with the Passion of Christ

On His Connection with the Passion of Christ:

The Mass of Padre Pio as the Passion of Christ:

“The Mass is the complete union between Jesus and me.”
“Mass is a sacred participation in the passion of Jesus. All that the Lord suffered in 
His passion, I suffer, to the extent that it is possible to a human being. And that is 
apart from any merit of mine, but entirely due to His goodness.”
“In knowing the Passion of Jesus, you will also know my Passion.”
“The angels attend my Mass In legions.” 
“The Holy Virgin assists me.”
“I suffer all what Jesus suffered, from the Garden to the Cross.”
“I suffer the agony of death like Jesus in the Garden Gethsemane.”
“The sufferings are so acute that they can neither be described nor imagined.”
“I suffer the bitterness of gall very often during the Mass.”
“I suffer the most from e Consecration to the Communion.”
“My suffering is insignificant compared to the suffering Jesus experienced.”
“I don’t want my Calvary to be alleviated; rather to make it harder. We must suffer.”
“The offertory is the moment when the soul becomes detached from all that is 
“I suffer the scourging from the beginning to the end of the Mass, but more intensely 
after the Consecration.”
“I also speak the “seven words” that Jesus stated on the Cross.”
“During the Way of the Cross I am Jesus Himself. Jesus himself helps me like Simon 
of Cyrene and Veronica”
“At the Calvary, there where screams, blasphemies, loud clamor, and threats… that 
was really uproar.”
“I find my rest on the Cross.”
“In His last gaze the dying Jesus looked towards His Holy Mother.”
“I put last gaze on my brothers in exile.” 


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