Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On Life

On Life:
“Love doesn’t tolerate delay.”
“Life is a continual struggle against oneself.”
“Life is a struggle, which we cannot avoid. We must triumph.”
“Planting is less important than sowing, to have a good harvest.”
“Drowning on high seas or chocking on a glass of water has death as the same
“Repair the past and prepare for the future making good decisions.”
“Sadness is of no use to anyone.”
“Don’t philosophize on your defects.”
“Fear is an evil worse than evil itself.”
“Let us be honest always.”
“Even when reprimanding, one must be courteous and gentle.”
“Gentleness doesn’t mean permissiveness.”
“Vainglory is the woodworm of holiness.”
Do not be restless, upset, and anxious in times of darkness.”
“Let your whole exterior be a vivid image of the composure of your soul.”
“Let us be moved by the presence of God, who is also our judge.”
“It is easier to cure a tumor than to change the heart of a person”.
Giving a medal with a sacred image he would say: “This is the weapon which will
preserve you from your enemies.”


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