A Reflection. A Daddy’s Perspective- Patience and Love

Ephesians 4:2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love,

  Reflection.  As I hold my sick little 5 month old in my arms, it is sometimes very frustrating to handle his constant need, want, whining, crying, and overall  temperament.  If you have ever had a child, then you know the challenges that you face as a parent- particularly when they are sick.  Often times, you just have to put your baby down, walk away, take a breath, then go back in and handle it.  But it made me think of something last night, as finally after an hour at 2 am in the morning, he rested serenely in my arms-  I love this kid, and I love him unconditionally.  But let me tell you, having children (this is my second), take patience, and lots of it!  But it also leads me to my point in reflection today.  

  To truly love, we must love unconditionally, we must learn to love, through patience.  At the time, when my son is uncontrollably crying, I tend to lose patience and get mad, I forget the love that I otherwise would have displayed when he was serene, or happy, or giggling.  I think that having children better enables me to learn patience- not just for my loved ones- but for those all around me.  I must have the patience that the Lord has with us, in order to truly love those all around us.  For the greatest gift that he has given us, is Love.  Imagine the divine patience that our Lord has for us, even when we sin- and sin often- against him.  Imagine the patience the Lord has for us when we do not love one another, nor show forth gratitude for the life he Has given us, nor the humility that we tend not to show.  Imagine the patience the Lord had for us, when, as man, He came down and was put to death by His own children, so that we may understand His will and have eternal life with Him in his kingdom.  The patience He displays with us, even at this moment, is truly a testament to His love.  We must learn this patience, in order to love one another.  Let this reflection be a reminder that we must be patient with one another and learn how to love as He does now, keeping in mind that there are some that will be lost, and some that will need to be found, but through His love and teaching all things are possible.  God Bless!~ CJA


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