Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On Sin

On Sin:

“There is no sin if it has not been committed willfully.”
“It is not the thought that makes the sin, but consenting to that thought does it.”
“Let’s bury our sins as our Lord has done.” 
“When you fall, humble yourself without degrading yourself.”
“When we repent, the sin becomes a stepping stone which leads us to God.”
Mons. George Pogany lived near the convent from 1940 until 1957. He helped Padre Pio and the friars, confessing, saying Mass, bringing Communion to bedridden people, and translating.  He reported years later: “Sometimes I was Padre Pio’s confessor. I don’t believe that he ever committed sin, not even a venial one. No, I don’t think so. I heard his confession.” (He moved to the USA in 1957, and was a pastor in Irvington, New Jersey, for decades.)

Padre Agostino stayed in touch with Padre Pio from 1907 until 1967. He was his spiritual director, and wrote in his “Diary”: ‘I could swear that Padre Pio has kept his virginity, and never committed a venial sin against the angelic virtue.’

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