Daily Reflections from Saint Padre Pio: His Mission

On His Mission:

“My true mission will begin after my death.”

“When I am in heaven I will be able to do more.”

“A thousands flames consume me.”

“My suffering gives glory to God, saves my brothers in exile, and frees the souls from Purgatory.”
“Among you I am your brother, on the Altar I am your victim, in the confessional I am your judge.”
“Everyone can say: Padre Pio is mine.”

“Padre Pio wrote on the prayer card for his ordination to priesthood: “May I be a perfect victim.”
Padre Pio reached the highest possible fusion for a human being with the God Man Jesus, from the Garden to the Cross.
No other human being, besides Padre Pio, has had such complete uncompromising unwavering unconditional unrestricted unlimited unselfishness from the cradle to the grave.
Padre Pio was asked what special sacrifices he made. “None. I take what the Lord sends me.”
“Like St. Christopher carried the child Jesus on his shoulders across a river, on my shoulders is the whole world.”

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