Daily Reflections of St. Padre Pio: On Virtue

On Virtues:

“Give me and preserve in me an ardent faith.”
“I desire no greater pleasure than my faith, my hope, and my love.”

“I have never regretted being gentle.”
“Gentleness doesn’t mean permissiveness.”
“Even when reprimanding, one must be courteous and gentle.”
“We must always have kindness with the neighbor and humility with God.”
“I cannot tolerate criticizing and speaking ill of our neighbor.”
“I would prefer to be stabbed rather than offend anyone.”
“Strong and generous hearts do not complain.”

“As the pearls are held together by the thread, thus the virtues by charity”
“The pearls fall when the thread breaks, thus the virtues are lost if charity diminishes.”
“The pivot of perfection is charity; He who lives in charity lives in God, because God is charity, as the Apostle says.”
“Excuse everyone with Christian charity.”
“Seek solitude but do not lack charity with your neighbor.”
“Charity is the yardstick with which the Lord will judge us all.”
“Go out of your way when you get a chance to act charitably.”
“To lack charity is to wound the pupil of God’s eye.”
“To lack charity is like sinning against nature.”
“Charity is the daughter of Providence.”
“Charity knows how to mix sweet with bitter, and convert transitory suffering in eternal reward.”
“Charity is the cornerstone of perfection.”
Charity is the queen of virtues.”

“Humility is truth. Everything good in me is of God.”
“False humility brings discouragement.”
“When Jesus sees you prostrated in humility, he will extend his hand and draw you to him.”
“Humility is the recognition of one’s abjection.”
“God speaks to those who truly have a humble heart.”
‘When you fall, humble yourself but without degrading yourself.”
“Abjection means to be humble and powerless.”
“Mary, the more she was filled with heavenly gifts, the more she humbled.”
“The tall ears of grain are vain and empty; the ones bent to the ground are humble and laden with grain.”
“Be humble, tranquil, sweet, and confident in times of darkness.”
 “Consider yourself what you really are: a nothing.”
“Never be pleased with yourself.”

Humility and charity go hand in hand.  The one glorifies, the other sanctifies.
“There are two fundamental virtues of holiness: humility and charity.”

Prudence has the eyes and love the legs: with them you can run to God.”

Tranquility is the daughter of the love for God.”

“Let’s keep well etched in our mind what the Divine Teacher says: “In our patience we will possess our soul.”
“Wait, your turn will come.”

“Guard jealously the purity of your heart and your body.”
About Padre Pio:
Padre Lorenzo: “With regard to chastity, I believe him to be angelic.”
Padre Romolo: “As far as chastity is concerned, his tact is extraordinary: as to this, nobody doubts he is an angel.”
Padre Ludovico di San Giovanni Rotondo: Relating to women “he shows politeness, reserve, and at time has even been austere.”
Padre Cherubino: “He treats the women with affability and sweetness, but is always most reserved.”

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