Solemnity of Corpus Christi


Image Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.  This shows the connection between tomorrow and Holy Thursday..  In most countries the feast is now transferred to Sunday.


Here are meditations by St. John Vianney on the Eucharist called called Thanksgiving and Motives for Visiting the Blessed Sacrament, that I thought you might enjoy…..



Recall the word Eucharist means Thanksgiving.


Meditation 19:  Thanksgiving…



When we come from Holy Communion if someone asked us: What are you bringing into your house? You would be able to say: I am bringing heaven. it is really true, but we have not sufficient faith. We do not understand our dignity. When we leave the altar rails we are as happy as the Magi would have been if they had been able to carry off the Infant Jesus. After each of your Communions, listen to Our Lord present in your heart, converse with him, invite the Blessed Virgin to thank Him for you, and keep recollected all clay. The most elementary politeness and our own interest make thanksgiving a duty for us.


1. We must listen to what God says.

When you have received Holy Communion, rise up reverently, return to your place and kneel down; do not at once take your book or your beads. I do not like to see people begin to read as soon as they have come from the altar. Oh no, of what use are the words of men when it is the good God who speaks? We must be like someone who is curious and who listens at doors. We must listen to what the good God says at the door of our heart.


2. We should converse with Jesus.

Converse for a little while with Jesus Christ whom you are fortunate to possess in your heart, Body and Soul as He was formerly during His life on earth. Ask Him for all the graces you desire for yourself and others; the good God will not be able to refuse you anything if you offer Him His Son, and the merits of His Passion and death.


3. We should make acts of thanksgiving.

Make your acts of thanksgiving after Holy Communion. Then invite the Blessed Virgin, all the angels and all the saints to thank God with you. Sometimes when St. Teresa had the great happiness of receiving Communion, the angles came down in a crowd from heaven, and seemed to make it their delight to unite her to praise the Saviour that she possessed in her heart. Many times she was seen borne by angels to the altar. They carried her on a high seat.

Do not leave immediately after Mass, but stay a little while to ask the good God to strengthen you in your good resolutions.


4. We should keep recollected.

When you go out of the church, do not stop to talk, keep recollected, thinking of your happiness in possessing Jesus Christ in your heart. You must go home and watch over your thoughts, words and actions, that you may preserve intact the grace of, the good God. You take a glass of spirit and cork it well. You preserve the spirit as long as you wish. In the same way, if you keep recollected after Communion, you feel for a long time this burning fire which will inspire you with a delightful leaning towards good and a strong repugnance for evil.


5. We should carry the effect of Holy Communion into our whole day.

If you have a little time between your duties spend it in good reading or a visit to the Blessed Sacrament to thank the good God for the favour that He did you in the morning. Occupy yourself as little as possible with worldly affairs on the day of your Communion.




Meditation 20: The Motives for visiting the Blessed Sacrament


St. Paul tells us that at Athens he found written on an altar: “To the unknown God.” Alas, I might say the opposite to you! I am about to preach to you a God that you do not adore, and whom you know to be your God. How many Christians have time on their hands and who never deign to come alone to visit their Saviour. Oh! what a shame on us! If some novelty turns up, one leaves everything and runs to it. As for our God, we fly from Him. We find the time we spend in His presence hard. Oh! what a difference between the first Christians and us! They spent entire days and nights in the churches to sing the praises of the Lord, and to weep over their sins, but today it is not the same. Jesus is forsaken, abandoned in the sacrament of His love. Let us think about some of the motives we have for visiting Him.


1. Jesus Christ in the tabernacle is our friend:

If we really love the good God, we will find it a joy and happiness to spend some time near Him, to adore Him, and keep company with so good a friend.

He is there in the tabernacle. What is He doing, this good Jesus, in the sacrament of His love? He is loving us.


If you pass a church then, go in to salute Him. Would you pass the door of a friend without saying good-day? And Our Lord is a friend who has been so good to us. It would be a very ungrateful person who would not visit Him. Come to adore Him because He is your divine friend, your Creator, and your sovereign Master? You owe Him the homage of your whole being. Bow down before Him and praise Him. Come to keep Him company in the solitude in which the Christians leave Him. Come, my soul, redouble your fervour. You are alone to adore your God. His eyes regard you alone. Come to His feet to thank Him, and then recall the benefits of redemption; the adoption of sons ; the right to eternal life; so many pardons; so many Communions received, each of which brought you an increase of the supernatural life.


Come to show your love to Him. He will say to you: “My child, give Me your heart.” Oh! open it then, dilate it, and give Him love for love!


2. Jesus Christ in the tabernacle is an ill-treated friend.

To what outrages has He not exposed Himself in order to remain in our midst?

Masses and Communions, tepid or sacrilegious, profanations, neglect of Sunday observance, long periods alone in the churches. Irreverent attitudes and indifference for His Sacred Presence, and for the gift of Himself which He has made to us. There is no kind of outrage to which He is not subjected, and His Heart is wounded at the sight of so many offences. Oh! how pleased He is when we give up some of our occupations, or some frivolities to spend a quarter of an hour with Him to console Him!


When He sees pure souls come eagerly to see Him He smiles on them. They come with that simplicity which is agreeable to Him to ask His pardon for the insults of so many ungrateful people. Let us come then, to sympathise with Him in His sorrows! Those who will have wept on His account on earth will rejoice in heaven.


3. Jesus Christ in the tabernacle is a rich and generous friend.

He is hidden there, waiting for us to come to visit Him and to make our requests. He wishes to see us near Him, to tell us that He loves us, and wishes to load us with good things.


When you go into a church and take holy water, when you make the sign of the cross, look at the tabernacle. Our Lord will at the same time bless you and say to you: “Come to me all you that labour and are heavy laden and I will refresh you.”


Are you sad? Come then cast yourself at His feet, and you will feel comforted.

Are you despised by the world? Come here and you will find a friend who will never fail you.


Are you tempted?

 Oh! it is here you will find powerful arms to conquer your enemies.

Do you fear the terrible judgment, at the thought of which the greatest saints have trembled? Profit by the same when your God is the God of mercy, and when it is so easy to obtain grace.


Are you oppressed by poverty? Come here and you will find a God who is infinitely rich and who will say to you that all good things are yours not in this world but in the next. It is there that I prepare infinite riches. Despise these perishable goods, and you will have those that perish not.

Sinners, ask Him with tears and contrition to pardon your sins, and you will surely obtain it.


Be reconciled to Him. Beg the precious gift of perseverance. Oh! tell Him that you wish never more to offend Him, that you would rather die than offend Him again.


4. Jesus Christ in the tabernacle is our Mediator.

He is there, in the sacrament of His love, sighing, and interceding with His Father for sinners, and He asks that we pray for their salvation.

He is so good that there goes out from His Heart a flood of love and mercy to wash away the sins of the world.


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