Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: Jesus

“Jesus put on our own flesh to live the miserable life of earth in our midst.”
“Jesus wants to be helped by us for the salvation of souls.”
“Oh Jesus, if I had an infinite number of hearts I would offer them all to You.”
“My Jesus You are the love that sustains me.”
“May Jesus be your guide, support, and life, always and in everything.”
“I am unable to explain the burning me up volcano which Jesus has placed in my small heart.”
“If Jesus manifests himself, thank Him. If he hides, thank him. It is all a game of love.”
“To love Jesus be ready to love sacrifice.”
“I see always the Cross  on Jesus’ shoulder.”
“Jesus told Padre Pio in a vision: “I associate you to my Passion.”
 “Without Jesus you can do nothing.”
“In Jesus everything has an answer. Without him, there is only a big void.”

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