Lord Jesus, Son of the Most Holy,
How Divinely pure Your thoughts are!
Your Words only reflect wonders,
Parables worthy of searching minds.
I earnestly strive to parallel after You.
Tend to my need of respecting others,
That I may never gossip against anyone.
Guide me in the righteous path of life,
Where sensational gossip is non-existent.
If by Your will, my intervention is required,
Guide me to extinguish the attacks of others.
Jesus, You are the glorious light of truth!

  Reflection.  Is gossip a sin?  Recently I have been approached by some co-workers in regards to this very topic. To this I say, quite clearly, YES.  I am just a guilty as the next one, and in today’s age, just as it has always been, gossip is all around us.  After pouring through various articles, and scripture, the answer as stated above, is quite clear-  it is a sin.  One psalm states “The slanderer of his neighbour in secret – him will I destroy.”  St. Paul even states to Titus in one of his letters, “Tell them not to speak evil of anyone.”  

  So, with this in mind, the next logical step in the progression of reflection, is how do we avoid it? How do we avoid it in every day life, with it constantly in the workplace.  To this, I say, the answer is quite simple- you must make a cognizant effort to not do it.  If you are like me this is hard- seriously hard.  I am the poster boy for adult ADD.  My mind goes a million miles an hour.   I am conditioned to think and react at that rate.  Notice I said conditioned.  This word is very important.  I am now un-conditioning and re-conditioning myself to slow down- to step away- to take a breath- to relax- before I react.  If we are to live a Christocentric life- that is a life truly centered on Christ- we must think before we speak, we must realize the repercussion of our words and deeds.  We can do this through prayer.  We can do this through God’s help.  Just like anything else in being a Christian, it won’t be easy.  Life never is.  But if we are to display Christ in our every day actions, we must do this; we must slow down, think, and sometimes simply walk away.   My laundry list of re-conditioning is VERY long- but I will tell you it is not impossible.  Every thing is possible with His help.  When you hear slanderous language, when you are approached with gossip, just kindly step away from the situation, tell the person involved you would rather not be.  Be the person Christ wants and needs you to be.  Approach every day and every situation with love.  Always look to the flip side of the coin, looking at everything with God’s eyes- His love.  There are many obstacles in our way, but with love, they are fully conquered.  Scripture also tells us, A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.”    There are countless scripture readings on the matter, and I have only mentioned a few, but if we are idle in our thoughts, and we are diligent in our prayers, we are the better for it.  Sin leads to even more sin, and opens up the gate to the evil one.  Let us not forget our purpose as Christians, that is to spread the love of God to all, and to be the mediator of conflict that God wants us to be.  I will pray for you, and likewise I would hope that you pray for me; to give me the strength to soften my ways, to step back in prayer, to think before I react, and to live as Christ wants me to live- as the best version of myself, living in love. God Bless! ~CJA

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