A Poem. “Your Gift, So Dear”


“Your Gift, So Dear” by Christian Adams

My light, my love, my strength, my heart

What is was You, and what was is ever-lasting

Your blood shed for us,

A river of eternity in grace.

Your call, it beckons, but there are those that can’t hear

Your embrace, is love, and your presence is known, but not all can feel.

Your spirit lies within, and overflows through my thoughts and love.

Your sacrifice was great, and I cannot repay.

Often I wonder of that horrible day.

My grief is taken, by Your ever-lasting love.

Your heart it bleeds, for those that have-not and those that resist.

May we all come to find Your grace in our hearts, 

And live for Your purpose.

May we live out your love, and keep Your sacrifice so near.

That we may live out our lives,

With no suffering, no fear.



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