A Poem. “Many Paths”



“Many Paths” by Christian Adams


There are many paths to take,

And many gates I could enter

But the one that I must

Is the one that I trust

It is You as my guide, the love there-in, is true

Your protection is my need, the one taken by few

Your light is imminent, it cannot be stopped.

It brightens my days, my nights, my life.

To pray is to know You, to know You is to pray.

I ask for your grace, almost every single day.

My sorrow is great, for your life you did lose,

My pain is for real, because you gave me the power,

To choose.

I do not wonder what you look like, because You aren’t here.

All I have to do is look to my heart and You are there.

Your blessings are many, Your love for me is great,

You put food and family before me, on Your most Sacred of plates.

I wish I could be there, glorifying You always,

But my work, its not done here,

For there are many in Your hallways.

To see is to believe, some I have hear say,

But you are present around me,

In each and every way.


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