Daily Reflections of Saint Padre Pio: On Mary and the Rosary


St.Padre Pio and the Rosary 

Saint Padre Pio On Mary:


Padre Pio would call Mary in many different ways. Some of them: Maria, Madonna, Mamma, Mammina, Madre, Madonnina, Madonnella, Signora, Vergine Maria, Madre Maria, Diletta Madre, Tenera Madre, Madre mia cara, Celeste Madre, Madre di Misericordia, Bianca Signora, Maria Santissima, Mamma mia, Madre Immacolata, Santissima Vergine, Cara Madre, Mamma dolcissima, Madonna Mia, Mamma nostra, Dolce Signora, Vergine Santa, Madonna delle Grazie. 


To a woman who had asked for prayers to be healed. “Let’s pray the Madonna of Graces. She will heal you.” When the woman returned to tank: “Mary healed you, not me.”


Padre Pio wrote on August 15, 1929, feast of the Assumption: “This morning I approached the altar with physical pains and internal anguish. I felt like dying. I was permeated by a deadly sadness. At the moment of consuming the Sacred Host I saw clearly the Heavenly Mother with Baby Jesus in her arms. They both told me: “Calm down! We are here with you. You belong to us and we are yours.” From that moment I felt drowned in an indescribable sea of sweetness and love.”


Padre Pio wrote that since 1912  he had prayed “novenas after novenas” to the Madonna di Pompei “for more than three years” to obtain the grace to return in convent. He was able to return and stay in convent in 1916.




Padre Pio described one day to Padre Rosario di Aliminusa in every detail the sanctuary of Lourdes. He had never been there. Padre Rosario said: “You must have seen it in a dream!”  What dream! I was not sleeping. I was awake!”


To Padre Onorato who was going in pilgrimage to Lourdes: “I have been to Lourdes many times. You don’t need a car or a train, there are other means too.”


To Padre Alessio: “I don’t have to go to Lourdes. I go there every night. I see Our Lady of Lourdes every night.”


Padre Agostino was in Padre Pio’s room, when Padre Pio asked: “Don’t you see the Madonna?” To Agostino’s negative answer Padre Pio replied: “You deny it for holy humility!”

Padre Onorato asked Padre Pio if he saw the Madonna. Padre Pio replied: “She comes to me whenever I need her.”


“There are people so foolish that they think they can go through life without the help of the Madonna.”


The candle


One evening Dr. Kisvarday was talking with Padre Pio in his cell when the light went off. He got up to get a candle. “Where are you going? There is so much light. We don’t need a candle. Don’t you see the Madonna lighting up the cell?” Dr. Kisvarday: “I didn’t see the Madonna, I saw only pitch dark.”


On several occasions Padre Pio confided to his intimates that the Blessed Virgin remained beside him while he heard confessions.

Sitting in the armchair, few minutes before dying Padre Pio said: “I see two mothers.” His mom had died many years earlier. He was seeing the Virgin Mary and Mamma Peppa his birth mother together.

The very last word of Padre Pio was: “Mary!”


On the Rosary

Padre Fernando da Riese: “The Rosary was Padre Pio’s favored prayer. He prayed it many times a day, decade after decade. He had always a rosary wrapped around his hand or arm, as it was a jewel or a shield. He had other rosaries under the pillow and on the nightstand. He called the rosary his “weapon”. He had made a resolution years earlier to say “daily no less than five complete rosaries.”” 

Padre Domenico Mondrone: “Padre Pio honored the Madonna every day praying a countless number of rosaries.”



“Always recite the rosary and recite it as often as possible.”


To Padre Onorato Marcucci, grabbing the Rosary that he had put few seconds on the nightstand: “This s my weapon. With this, one wins the battles.”


Padre Marcellino testified that he had to help Padre Pio wash his hands one at a time “because he didn’t want to leave the rosary beads, and passed the Rosary from one hand to the other.”




How many Rosaries



February 6, 1954 9:00 PM, to father Carmelo: “I still have 2 rosaries to pray today. I said only 34 so far. Then I will go to bed.”


Answering to Padre Michelangelo: “Today I said 32 or 33 rosaries. Maybe 1 or 2 more.”

Answering to Padre Mariano da Magliano Santa Croce: “About 30. Maybe some more, but not less.” ‘How do you do it? “What is the night for?”



Answering a question: “Some days I say 40 Rosaries, some other days 50.” How do I do it? “How do you manage not so say any?”



To Lucia Pennelli one morning around 7:00 AM after Mass: “How many rosaries did you say so far today?” ‘Two”. “I already said seven.”



To Lucietta Pennelli, one day at about noon: “Today I have already said 16 complete Rosaries.”


Padre Alessio Parente asked Padre Pio why he would constantly say the rosary and no other prayers. Padre Pio: “Because the Madonna never refuses me anything that I ask through the prayer of the rosary.”



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