A Poem. “Light”





“Light” by Christian Adams




The light within me you cannot extinguish,

It leads my way.

The light within me is You,

For whom I give my day.

The light at night, is even more bright,

For your protect me from evil,

and give me my life.


The light is around me,

Through the ones I love.

The light is continued,

Through the blessings of my children,

For in their eyes I see you,

And your everlasting love.


The torch I will bear,

No matter how heavy it will be.

Throughout my life, whether on land or the sea.

For without the light of truth which You have given me,

I could not bear the evil that will be.


I am so thankful for this grace,

And will proclaim it until the end.

Through the storms of winter,

And the Earthly realm.

Until I come home to Your light,

My ever-lasting friend.


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