A Poem. “From Darkness to Light”



“Through Darkness to Light” by Christian Adams



Through darkness to light,

My soul yearns for escape.

The earthly desires entrap my spirit,

And tighten my fate.

The evil around me is encompassing, and tempts.

I look up to You oh Lord,

To lessen its grip.

I pray for forgiveness, for my sin it is great,

Through Your grace its lessened,

And I hope its not too late.

I struggle profusely, with temptation and its charm,

Your embrace and Your love,

Will keep me from harm.

The temptation is like nectar,

From the Evil One’s tree.

Its disguise and its wonder,

Is feigning to me.

But through Your knowledge, Your mystery,

And Your ever present love-

I know that You protect me,

From somewhere up above.

The Earth is a cage, that holds us in mud,

But Your Kingdom, Your teachings,

Can mold us and free us from its hold.

We must not cease to pray for Your guidance, Your protection,

Your passion, and Your love.



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