Thank you so much to my current readers and new members/readers of my blog.  My name is Christian Adams, from Charleston, SC.  I am 36 years old, and a former US Army Scout Officer.  I am the father of two wonderful children, one boy and one girl.   I am a former Anglican turned Catholic, who felt the calling to serve our Lord in 2012.  I have strayed in the past.  I have extensively studied Buddhism, and at one time considered it as my religion.  But, per some of my early posts, our Lord never left me.  The Holy Spirit was alive and well within me, and I tried to bottle it.  Most of these struggles came from losing my Mother at the young age of 62 to a rare cancer. Instead of turning to him, I strayed–I was lost.  But I am now found!  Never turn away from His gift, as He will never leave us, although we may try and leave him.  I created this site as a way to express not only my faith, but my reflections, my thoughts, and my feelings.  It is also my intention through social media to share my thoughts and Christ’s love to all the world, through the Church’s New Evangelization.  This is a very small part, but I wanted it to be a positive welcome place to all, and I really do hope that you enjoy it.    This blog is intended for All, so that we may share in God’s grace, love, and humility.  I hope that my posts mean something to you, and that in a way you can understand that we are never alone.  Always live or try to live as Christ did, in love.  The Roman Catholic Church and her beauty and compassion have changed my life, and continue to change my life daily.  As a Spiritual Child of Padre Pio (also my Confirmation name), I never cease to pray, nor ask for his intercession.  If you ever need me, I am an open heart, and open mind to all, just as long as we can respect, share, and have healthy dialogue.  You can reach me by email at christian.adams77@gmail.com.  God Bless you all.   Lastly, I wanted to share my conversion story (to extent below) from one of my previous post: 



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